About Us

Here at Bingo Strike we have one goal and that’s to have the latest information and reviews of the newest and greatest bingo sites, games and events that are occurring out there in the fantastic world of online Bingo.

We’ll provide you with up-to-date knowledge on where to find the best online bingo sites or their mobile counterparts if they have any. We’ll also have latest news of what’s going on in the world of online bingo, what the latest promotions and prizes are and what sites to find them on.

But it doesn’t end there, because we’ll also be the ones to come to if you want to find out about any changes to your favourite bingo sites and if they’re introducing any new games to their rosters.

Our crack team is comprised of the best industry veterans who all know their one lines from their full houses, name a bingo call and our team will be able to tell you what it is and where to play a game that uses it.

Our experts have played on countless Bingo websites over the years and believe us when we say that these folks know their stuff, they’re pretty much godlike gurus.

Here at bingo strike we make it our personal quest to go out and try each and every single website we can find so we can let you know what ones work and which ones to avoid.

Our opinions on sites will be honest and we promise to be understanding of every websites capabilities no matter how small. There’s one thing we value above all and that’s accuracy, you can trust all the information we print knowing that it’s accurate and not mere speculation.

Here at Bingo Strike we also know that not everyone can afford to regularly splash out on Bingo sites, that’s why we’ll also look for the latest cheap websites as well.

We’ll provide you with the latest penny Bingo games and where to claim the best no deposit deal, where the best free games are and what sites are running them.

Some websites might even run a free tournament which of course our crack team will then instantly notify you about.

We’ll also keep you up-to-date with the latest promotions, their prizes and how you can go about claiming them to really maximise your enjoyment out for your online Bingo experience.

Our goal at Bingo strike is to make sure that no matter who you are, be it a new player or a seasoned veteran Bingo expert; we will provide you with information to let you get the best possible Bingo experience at little to no effort on your part.

We will run from site to site, checking and re-checking to make sure that you have all the accurate information you could ever need without having to scroll through page after page of Bingo jargon.

So in when you want to find what the best site for you is, why not stop on by at Bingo Strike.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.