Bingo Bonuses

If there’s one thing every single bingo website fan knows about it’s a bingo bonus, each site out there comes with their own unique take on them.

The bonuses come in many shapes and sizes but they tend to stick to relatively the same fairly common design.

The Bonuses in Brief and Brand Examples

In no particular order, the bingo bonuses you can expect to find on a site are the Welcome Bonus, the Re-deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus and loyalty points.

Below are some examples of these bonuses and a few of the websites that use them

Welcome Bonus:

The welcome bonus is what gets you in the door, it’s a bonus that’s applied to your first deposit, some brands might also stretch this across a few of your deposits to maximize your cash.

Take Lucky Touch Bingo for example, when you make a first deposit they’ll give you a 500% bonus on your first deposit, on your second deposit this becomes a 350% and on your third you’ll get a final 300% bonus to really get extra mileage out of your money.

Re-Deposit Bonus:

The re-deposit bonus is what sites use to keep you coming back, after your first deposit a website might offer this as a way to keep you with them.

Bingo Hollywood for example have an interesting re-deposit bonus that gives you a 75% bonus when you deposit between £5 and £50, but if you were to spend more than £50 this changes and instead you receive a 100% bonus.

No Deposit Bonus:

The no deposit bonus is another one of those bonuses that sites use to hook you in, these are bonus amounts of cash that unfortunately you can’t withdraw, instead you can spend these in one of your chosen sites games as a sort of test run of their games.

Bingo Diamond will give you £15 free right off the bat for just creating an account with them, no deposits, just make an account and you get free cash.

Loyalty Points:

Loyalty points are pretty self –explanatory, they’re points you get for showing your loyalty to your brand, in the case of casino sites its extra cash or unique bonuses.

Take Glossy Bingo for example, their loyalty scheme rewards you with a permanent re-deposit bonus, the size of the bonus itself will depend on your activity with the site, so the more you spend the bigger your deposit bonus will eventually become. You can also earn free spins and a cashback bonus based on your deposits from a previous week.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

A lot of these bonuses may seem great but unfortunately they often come with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements basically involve wagering your deposit a set number of times before you can claim your bonus.

For example if a website gave you £30 in bonus cash but they had a 30x wagering requirement you would have to wager that £30 bonus 30 times. So your £30 in bonus cash would cost £900 to claim.

What Is RTP?

Another phrase that gets thrown around bingo site is ‘RTP’, RTP is basically ‘return to player’, it’s the percentage of money you would get back out of the amount you invested into a game.

Say a game had an RTP of 90% and you made 100 wagers of £1 into that game, your return would be £90. It’s essentially the polar opposite of the house advantage so the higher the RTP of something, the more money you can expect to win from it.

The best way to get the most money out of your bonuses using this is to aim for relatively new websites as RTP is calculated over the entire lifetime of a game so it’s constantly adjusted, with newer games the RTP is higher which is why they’re always so popular.

So next time you’re looking for site to play on try to aim for a new website with new games.

These fantastic bonuses are what make bingo sites fun to play on so in future when you sign up for a site why not take advantage of a few of them to net yourself some extra cash to play with.