Free Bingo for Newbies

When joining a bingo site there are often a lot of perks and rewards to be had, including things like a generous welcome bonus offer. In addition to this, newbies are also often offered free bingo on certain sites as part of a welcome deal.

What are newbie rooms?

Newbie bingo rooms are essentially bingo rooms which have been set up for only new players to use. This means that users can only play in this newbie room if they have joined within a certain time period, usually within the last week or month.

A lot of sites offering such a room as part of welcoming new players into the fold also offer the bingo for free. The free newbie room may only be accessed by new players for one day, one week or one month after they join, depending on the site you choose to play on. However no matter how many times you get to play in the room you’ll no doubt find that there are free bingo jackpots up for grabs, which you can win without having to spend a penny.

Pros and cons of using a newbie room

As newbie rooms can only be accessed by newly joined players, this means that all players to the room are also completely new to the site, putting everyone in the same boat with roughly the same ability. This is a great advantage for those who are complete online bingo novices, wanting to get to grips with how the game works online, as well as the site itself.

Not only is the newbie room good for practice and finding your feet, it’s also a great place to learn the lingo and make new friends through the chat facility. As everyone is new, you will probably have a lot of the same questions and will no doubt be able to help each other out as you go.

Another benefit of playing newbie room bingo is that because there are less players in this room than the other rooms, you may have more chance of winning a prize.

Newbie room hints and tips

The first thing you should do is make a note of how often or what times you can play in the newbie room. Take down the times games run and be sure to note which games you’ll be able to take part in and not. Then go and make the most of the newbie games you can take advantage of.

A good tip is to read the bingo lingo, usually found in the help section of a bingo site, before you start to play. This means you’ll be easily able to take part in any bingo banter, and will know what the other players are saying if/when they use abbreviations.

A final tip would be to read the terms and conditions of the room carefully. Be sure to check the wagering requirements on any winnings and keep your eyes out for small print which might restrict the time you have to make use of any freebie winnings.

Best newbie room offers

Wink Bingo:

Bag up to £300 in the Wink Bingo newbie room. The room is only open to players who have registered in the last 3 days, and new games take place every 10 minutes.

Bingo Diamond:

Play free newbie bingo in the Sunshine room here with loads of prizes up for grabs without having to spend a penny.

Bingo Hollywood:

The newbie room here is open from 7pm until 10pm daily offering plenty of opportunity to win for free amongst fellow newbies.