Free Bingo

In age of austerity where a lot of us are pinching away our pennies to save for that rainy day, it’s easy to see why free bingo games and free bingo sites are becoming so popular, because who doesn’t love being able to play a fun online game for free.

Social Games Vs Real Money Games

When it comes to free bingo games there are two genres, there’s the social games and the real money games, these may at not sound that different at first but they’re actually as far apart from each other as you can get.

Take the social games for example, these fun little distractions are of course free to play, but they’re mainly played for fun and involve a rich social atmosphere as no one is out to win any large amounts of cash because they didn’t have to put any in to begin with.

These games also tend to possess some sort of social media inclusion so you can share your victories on Facebook and invite your friends to join you in on a few matches.

From time to time the social games might also hold free tournaments, these fun matches are again free to enter and play, but this time players can actually win some money from the free matches.

Then there’s the real money games, these games are completely different, they’re normally played for large amounts of cash so competition can be quite fierce.

Depending on the site you use you might also have an option to purchase extra tickets for your games for a tiny cash amount.

Real money Bingo sites also tend to possess larger amounts of games for their players to try out; giving them more variety in the games they can play.

Playing Free Bingo Games for Real Money

Real money games can take many forms on free bingo sites.

One option is sites offering no deposit bingo games. However, you usually have to make a deposit in order to keep what you win.

Other websites site may give you a free game of bingo for cash, whilst others like Super Free Bingo have free entry to a bingo game with free tickets, but they also have the option to buy more tickets for a tiny price for a chance to win a larger cash prize.

The amount you pay for extra tickets or the size of the free jackpot in the games can vary from site to site.

Take Bingo Hollywood for example, they have a free room called the ‘Screen Test’, this room involves a standard 90 ball Bingo game and players can have up to 24 free tickets.

The prize for this room is £1, although this may seem like it isn’t that much when you consider that you’re investing no money to win it then you realize that you’re getting £1 for free from every single match.

On the opposite end of the scale is their ‘The Big Easy’ room, this free 90 ball Bingo room has a jackpot of £30 available. But unfortunately it’s only open to players that have made a deposit into their account already so you’ll have to spend a little to win a lot.

On the topic of spending a little, some real money games can also offer you extremely large jackpots for a small pittance of an investment first.

A lot of sites tend to have ticket prices that max out at £1 depending on the website, but their jackpots for these games are truly massive, Bingo Hollywood for example has a £10,000 jackpot available for a room that charges 0.10 pence per ticket.

On the other end of the scale is Glossy Bingo, they have a unique ‘Penny Pusher’ promotional room that’s available from every single day of the week between 7pm and 9:50pm.

The tickets for this room cost just one penny, and for that tiny amount you can get access to an absolutely massive prize pool of £50 and £100 jackpots all for the price of just 0.01 pence.

When there’s games like this available where you can put a tiny amount in for an absolutely massive return on your investment, you can instantly see why free Bingo games and penny games like Glossy Bingos ‘Penny Pusher’ are such a hit with casino fans all over the world.

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