Neteller Bingo Sites

When playing online bingo one of the most important things for players is a choice in how to bank with a brand. Not everyone is keen on giving out debit and credit card details online, and some people just like to have different options available to them. Neteller is just one of these great options.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is basically an e-wallet system which allows you to transfer funds online without a site having any access to your details. Like PayPal, this service acts like a middle man between your bank and your transaction, keeping your details safe from any potential hackers or threats.

To use Neteller you basically just have to set up an account online and once registered you’ll be able to transfer money for free. How it works is that you transfer funds from your own bank account to Neteller, and then they will transfer the cash to the recipient you’re looking to pay, or in the case of Neteller bingo sites, an account you’re looking to fund.

As well as a free money transfer service, customers with a Neteller account can also get access to a special Net+ prepaid Mastercard which is also accepted online and in various retail outlets.

Pros and cons of Neteller

In terms of dealing with bingo sites that accept Neteller, there are a few pros and cons to consider here. Firstly the big bonus is that although you’re using your own money from your bank account to fund your bingo account, your financial details are kept away from the bingo site, giving you peace of mind when worrying about financial crime online.

As well as the security element, the fact that the service is free and online means you should be able to top up your account whenever and wherever you like, provided your chosen bingo site accepts this payment method, and that you have an active internet connection.

One downside to Neteller is that not all bingo sites accept this, as some may just offer PayPal as an e-transfer option due to its popularity, without considering Neteller as another alternative. Additionally, although Neteller is safer than using your bank details directly online, it’s not completely anonymous like a Ukash voucher, as some of your personal information will still be online, registered with Neteller.

Top Neteller bingo brands

Although not all bingo sites accept this payment, more and more brands are offering a variety of payment methods which include Neteller to fund your bingo account. Here are some of the best Neteller bingo sites we’ve found:

Tasty Bingo:

Enjoy a 300% bingo bonus on your first deposit here when you sign up and deposit aminimum of just £10 using Neteller.

Tea Time Bingo:

Get £15 free no deposit bonus when you sign up to this bingo site plus a 400% welcome bonus on your first deposit too.

Glossy Bingo:

Get a 250% bonus on your first deposit here, plus a generous package which rewards you on your next 3 deposits to the site.