No Deposit Bingo

Everyone loves being able to play a game for free, whether that’s free-to-play videogames or no deposit bingo games, we all love being able to play what we enjoy without having to fork out any money first.

For those not familiar with no deposit bingo, what it involves is playing bingo games without having to make any initial deposit into your account; this genre is incredibly popular, especially in our current age of austerity where we all have to cut back on our spending.

Free Games of Bingo For Real Money

Free games of bingo for real cash prizes have become quite prevalent on the gambling market lately, now everywhere you look there’s some sort of free game and a no deposit bonus to take advantage of.

Bingo Diamond for example run a superb ‘Sunshine Room’, taking place every evening from 4pm until 1am these free games have a prize of £5 waiting for you. Matches last only half an hours so you’re guaranteed to win some cash from only a few sessions.

But the fun doesn’t end there because at the end of the month the same room uses a special extra bonus which cranks the jackpot up to £50.

Or why not try Butlers Bingo, ‘Freebie Frenzy’, taking place every night during the week this fantastic free game has two guaranteed cash prizes of £25 up for grabs.

Finally there’s Lucky Touch Bingo, they give players £10 for free when they sign up, their free Bingo rooms are rather interesting as they are open 24-hours a day to let you get to grips with the inner workings of Bingo.

Plus they also come with an option for you to buy tickets. The tickets themselves cost only 0.10 pence so it’s an excuse to spend your free bonus, as a bonus when you buy 10 tickets you‘ll get another set of 10 completely free.

Terms and Conditions Worth Considering

However before you start signing yourself up to a bunch of different free bingo no deposit websites there are few things you should consider first, chief of which is the terms and conditions that each site might have regarding their bonuses.

For example a Bingo site might come with a wagering requirement before you can claim your bonus, the wagering requirements are pretty common and they can vary in size depending on the website, the average is usually a 30x wager requirement but there are a few that can go as low as 2x.

Wagering requirements may sound quite complicated but they’re actually pretty simple.

Say for example you were given £30 in no-deposit bonuses from a website but they had a 30x wagering requirement, you would have to wager your £30 bonus 30 times before you could claim it. So you would be spending £900 for a £30 bonus.

Also you might not be able to use your bonus funds on specific games, some sites for example don’t allow their members to use their bonus funds on their slot games, whilst others will only allow you to spend it on Bingo games.

Sites with the Best Jackpots

Thanks to the popularity of no-charge bingo games, a ton of different websites have started providing players with absolutely massive jackpots.

Rather than go through them all, we’ve listed a small selection of the best ones below.

Butlers Bingo:

Butlers Bingo provide an interesting promotion called the “Big 10K Giveaway”, although the tickets cost £1, you’ll still get six tickets free when you buy six from them. Plus everyone in this game is guaranteed to win a share of the £10,000 jackpot.

Bingo Diamond:

Bingo Diamond also incorporates an interesting £1,000 mega jackpot, instead of buying tickets you’re given one free ticket for every £20 deposited in your account or wagered on a Bingo game.

Although it technically requires that you put money in, you’re still getting the tickets for free so it’s still a free game.

So next time you go to sign up for a site why not take a look at their various no-deposit bonuses and free games to see if you can get yourself a little bit of fun using no money at all.

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